DAV Public School
DAV Public School, Bokaro
Sector-4, BOKARO STEEL CITY Affiliated to C.B.S.E(New Delhi)
Managed By D.A.V College Managing Committee, New Delhi-55


1. All bus charges must be paid in advance by 20th of every month for which payment is due.
2. One Year Bus fee is charged for 11 months (April to February).
3. Bus fee once paid will not be refunded on any account.
4.One-month notice will be required to discontinue the Bus facility.
5. Bus charges are subject to revision by the Managing Committee from time to time on hike of petroleum price.
6. While paying the Bus fee the child must present his/her Bus pass to the accountant in order to make the neccesary entry there in.
7. If child does not maintain discipline while travelling in the bus. His/her name shall be struck off from the bus user's register, under intimation to the parents concerned and fee already paid shall be forfeited and the student is liable to be dismissed from the school.
8. Children who are not in the prescribed school uniform, may not be lifted by the bus.
9. Complaints, if any, regarding the Bus Staff should be made in writing to the principal.
10. Child must carry his Bus Pass, while travelling by the School Bus. It should be presented by the Student as and when demanded by the Bus-In-Charge/Bus Staff
11. If a child loses his/her Bus pass a duplicate will be issued on payment of Rs. 50/- only
12. If a parent wants to take his child with him during the school hours, he must inform the concerned bus staff or the bus-in-charge about it.
13.If for any reason whatsover, the school decides to cancel or change any route of the school bus the parents shall have no objection to this and will make their own arrangement about conveyance for their children.

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